Narrowboats WiFi and Inland Waterways Broadband Solutions

Away from the harsh salt air, there is less need for marine protection, so we are able to offer a choice of high output 3G/4G routers at a lower cost than that of the Marine range. These routers are the perfect choice for river boats, canal boats and narrowboats WiFi solutions.

In 4G areas these routers are capable of achieving Superfast download speeds of up to 100Mbps!


Huawei 4Go

Inland Waterways 4G Router Narrowboats WiFi

4G External Marine Antenna Narrowboats WiFiThe Huawei 4Go, like the Hubba X 4 marine units, comes with our MIMO antenna system which is essential for use on narrow boats to overcome the problems created by their steel construction, which blocks radio waves effectively entering the vessel.

By mounting the antenna on the low profile mount on the roof of the boat, we maximise the signal strength and hence available download and upload speeds available in each area.

This unit comes with two antenna cables and does mean drilling holes in the roof of the boat to fix properly before connecting with the router down below.

The unit is priced at £350 including VAT and flat roof ‘stubby’ plastic mount.

Huawei Cloudbox

4G Cloudbox Marine RouterThe Huawei Cloudbox is for those of you that prefer a simpler solution by using a magnetic mount antenna that allows you to run cables through mushroom vents or similar.

The unit is much more suited to those not blessed with DIY skills or are just looking for a simpler solution that can be moved from vessel to vessel or even to a car or at home.

Once connected the Cloudbox creates a Wi-Fi hotspot within the canal, river or narrowboat, and also has Ethernet ports to support wired connections.

The Cloudbox costs £325 including VAT and magnetic mount antenna as pictured.

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