SuperYachts & Leisure 4G Routers

Owners of superyachts demand the best, while more often than not, keeping an eye on costs. The same could be said when it comes to sourcing connectivity for their luxury boats.

Our 4G router solutions provide a faster and lower cost alternative to expensive and slow Vsat systems. The 4G routers can provide:

  • Upto 100Mbps download speeds
  • Lower data cost than Vsat
  • Multi frequency connections to 4G, 3G & 2G networks
  • Dual SIM holder options for cruising across borders
  • WiFi hotspot to connect multiple devices
  • Wired network connections
  • Business grade facilities including VPN compatibility


HubbaX4 Go & Duo Models

The HubbaX4 Go & Duo models are best suited for luxury superyachts and leisure boating,  replacing the original 3G HubbaX, designed to provide a superfast 4G broadband solution to support your needs.

Both units are capable of providing up to 100Mbps download speeds, keeping you connected using 4G, 3G and 2G mobile network frequencies with their built-in modem.

Featuring a high powered MIMO antenna for external mobile broadband the HubbaX4’s create WiFi hotspot, which is an ideal connection solution for those looking for performance while making savings in comparison to VSAT. External antenna units are IP67 waterproof rated and supplied with a mounting bracket.


HubbaX_4Go_router for superyachtsHubbaX4 Duo

The HubbaX4 Duo is the enterprise class model and has the benefit of a dual SIM capability which provides two switchable SIM card slots to provide greater flexibility and convenience when operating across international borders and multiple mobile networks.

The marine class router has VSAT failover function and a router designed for easier integration to onboard networks requiring VPN functionality etc..

The external antenna is waterproof to IP 67 standard.



HubbaX_4Duo_routerHubbaX4 Go

The HubbaX4 Go is our standard external unit with a single SIM holder.

It generates a WiFi hotspot which supports up to 32 WiFi devices. The unit also has an RJ45 port for wired network connectivity.

This unit is suitable for smaller leisure boats with lower data use requirements.

The external antenna is waterproof to IP 67 standard.


Leaders in Marine Connectivity

Buzz are members of the British Marine Federation, and our range of marine broadband routers are sold in countries around the world.

Our 4G & 3G router solutions are a result of our knowledge and experience in the marine market. We like to think that we are leaders in marine connectivity providing cost effective alternatives to marine satellite.

Overall these routers give owners and operators the ability to provide high speed internet access to crews and guests on board.

They provide a quality connection for both fixed devices on a wired network or via Wi-Fi to the various smartphones, laptops and tablets that are all hungry for data. In such situations, the costs against Vsat are comparatively minimal and worthy of the time and effort invested by the diligent captain to provide this increasingly essential service.

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