CrewCode is a system, that controls access to onboard wi-fi networks by use of voucher codes. Users can get data bundles of any size (500MB, 1GB, 2GB etc.) allowing them access to the onboard wi-fi network.

This type of service would be considered normal for providing wi-fi access in hotels or airports. But now it can be added to any existing wi-fi network, even those serviced by our Hubba X 3G/4G routers. The system is controlled remotely while the vessel can be anywhere in the world. Boat or yacht owners can now offer onboard wi-fi to their guests and crew without fear of uncontrolled costs and the ability to bill for usage.

CrewCode provides an online portal for creation and management of vouchers and billing data, simplifying the cost allocation and bringing more opportunities for profit generation.

The setup includes: 

  • Hubba X4 router with an external antenna
  • CrewCode router
  • Wi-fi access points, required to service the vessel and connected to the CrewCode router via Cat5 cable

Onboard Wi-Fi Access: 

Any devices, connected to the wi-fi network will have requests handled by CrewCode and required to enter a voucher code in order to gain access.

It is possible to add VSAT service into the backhaul options by using an additional failover device, allowing users to experience connectivity both inshore on 3G/4G coastal networks but also offshore using satellite service, through the same wi-fi network.

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