Marine Range of 4G & 3G Hubba X Routers

Just because you are afloat doesn’t mean that you don’t need access to the internet. By harnessing the 3G and 4G data networks provided by the mobile phone companies, Buzz is able to offer a range of devices that are designed to optimise access to these coastal, land based networks and help extend the range and usability to the maximum distance.

Since we introduced the Hubba X 3G a few years ago, Buzz Connect has become synonymous with offering the best solutions available for coastal connectivity in the marine environment as well as inland waterways.

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Current Models

3G/4G Marine AntennaWe are now pleased to offer the Hubba X4 range to deliver the greater speeds available from the increasing roll out of 4G networks and also offering uprated 3G capability to comply with the latest HSPA+ access.

There are two models available:

Hubba X4 Go for single SIM and the Hubba X4 Duo with two SIM slots designed to maximise availability by accessing two networks and also capable of operating in conjunction with existing onboard VSAT systems to provide failover options.

Both units share our latest MIMO antenna system, designed and built in the UK, to offer the best possible performance from an omnidirectional antenna across the increased range of frequencies now available to mobile internet services and devices. This antenna is the key to our solution and contains both transmit and receive elements meaning that there are two antenna cables supplied with each mini radome unit for the best possible results.


HubbaX 4Go

This powerful device comes in a bulkhead mountable IP66 rated enclosure with waterproof power and Ethernet connectors. It has status indicators and signal strength display and comes with our MIMO antenna system and two 8m cables. This unit is ideal for vessels operating in one area or country and is the choice of many private owners as well as fleet operators.

Fred Olsen lines recently tested all the units available on the market and chose the Hubba X4 Go for all its ferries in the Canary Islands, where they can provide passengers with Wi-Fi up to 20 miles offshore.

The X4 Go is designed for use primarily in the EU, Middle East and Asia as well as Pacific Rim countries. Please check for compatibility with other local network frequencies and network modes.

HubbaX Duo
This versatile unit offers the flexibility of two SIM slots that can be configured as primary and back up options.

The Duo also supports “Marina Wi-Fi Repeat Mode” which allows you to select any Wi-Fi network available in the vicinity and repeat it through the same onboard access point, (as long as you have the network password). This can be a useful cost saving feature when in port – why pay for data when you can get it for free? For best results we suggest the addition of a second external antenna dedicated to Wi-Fi, which is an extra cost item.

The Duo router comes in a IP67 rated bulkhead mountable enclosure with the same fittings as the X4 Go and of course the MIMO antenna system with 8m cables as standard.

The Duo operates in the same countries as the X4 Go, but also has extra frequency options making it also suitable for operation on networks in the Caribbean and the Americas, including some US networks.

The Duo is also more suited to data networking with a LINUX based kernel it has options for VPN client configurations as well as SNMP management, VRRP and DDNS to name a few features. Please call us with specific requirements.

The Duo+ model has slightly different features to the standard Duo, suitable for those looking for VSAT failover instead of Marina Wi-Fi repeat mode. This version achieves failover by taking a direct feed from onboard VSAT to ensure continued coverage and the lowest possible data cost at sea.

Installation & Setup

The routers are easy to install and configure, please visit our FAQ page for frequently asked questions and top tips on how to install and getting the most from your router.

  • HubbaX product manuals can be downloaded below:
  • HubbaX 4Go click here
  • HubbaX 4Duo click here

Discontinued Models

Please note that the following models have been discontinued replaced with the models above:

Hubba – 3G Internal Model

HubbaX – 3G only External Model


hubbax-v21The HubbaX is weatherproofed to IP66 rating it is suitable for external use making it an option for those in very poor 3G signal areas.

Connect via a single Ethernet port or via inbuilt WiFi which uses IEEE802.11bgn standards to enable the connection of multiple devices including laptops and iPads.

This unit has now been replaced by the HubbaX4 Go & HubbaX4 Duo.


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